Hello! My name is Sandra. I have an undying love for photography, this started back when I was a kid using a simple film camera. 🙂 Over the years my love for photography has only grown. I have a few different inspirations, but the main one is the only one that matters. My family!

Nature is my favorite kind of photography. I love it, there are so many amazing things out there that we overlook nearly everyday. It is a pleasure to be able to capture so much of that and share it will everyone on here. There is also someone so special about being able to capture a memory in action and give it back to that person to last forever. ♥ Following up quickly behind Nature is Children and Pets. There is nothing quiet like the innocence of a child or pet. They have so much wonder for the world around them.

How did I learn? I have pretty much been self taught. I have worked for Lifetouch before, I just didn’t like the studio setting at all.